I’m a phenomenal Nigerian woman who reads books by and about people of colour. I have chosen to privilege books written by people of colour because at 22, I feel like so much of this knowledge is hidden from me and I want to decolonise my mind and correct this knowledge imbalance. I also hope that this blog provides a platform through which people who also want to decolonise their thinking can explore literature new to them and find life-changing books. If you have a problem with the fact that I only read literature relating to POCs, tough.

In terms of my reviews, I do not like ratings or scores and I don’t think stars are a good indication of how good a book is. Instead, I prefer to know whether or not the reviewer thinks the book is worth my time and labour. As a person who loves literature, there are thousands of books I’d like to go through but of course, I don’t have enough lifetimes to do that so I want to know if a book is worth taking up my time. At the end of every review, I’ll share whether of not I think its worth the labour and precious time.

PS, there will be spoilers!